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BPVC Resources. Code Cases.

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Verification, Validation and Uncertai Performance Test Codes. Safety Codes and Standards.

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Certificate of Conformance for Reapplication of the Certification Mark. Manufacturers' Partial Data Report. Manufacturers' Data Report for Fabricated Piping.

Manufacturer's Data Report Supplementary Sheet. Manufacturers' Data Report for Safety Valves.

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Manufacturer's Data Report for Locomotive Boilers. Certificate Holders' Data Report for Supports. Nuclear Containments. To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser. CPWD for its effective working has developed the following codes, manuals, schedules, technical specifications, design manuals and other necessary technical publications.

The important ones are enclosed for reference:. Manual on Accessible Built Environment Green Rating Manual Manual on Rain Water Harvesting. Manual Volume I. Vigilance Manual. WC Establishment Manual. Plinth Area Rates.

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Analysis of Rates for Delhi. Delhi Schedule of Rates. Specifications Civil. Specifications Volumes I. Specifications Volumes II.

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Specifications Electrical. Sets - Handbook on Total Quality Management.

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