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Subjects Literary Criticism Sociology Nonfiction.

a book review by Stephen Roulac: The Bourgeois Between History and Literature

Who could repeat these words today? Thus begins Franco Moretti's study of the bourgeois in modern European literature, where a gallery of individual portraits is entwined around the analysis of specific keywords β€” such as 'useful' and 'earnest', 'efficiency', 'influence', 'comfort', 'roba' β€” and of the formal mutations of the medium of prose.

The book charts the rise and fall of bourgeois culture, exploring the causes for its historical weakness, and searches for the seeds of its failures. Literary Criticism Sociology Nonfiction. More about Franco Moretti. Yes, but in a banal way: I did my homework quickly, dutifully and well, then went off to play soccer, or to the movies. I had no intellectual passions until I got to the university.

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  • The Bourgeois: Between History and Literature.

Before that, I was a very good, very banal student. He cannot recall the first work of English literature that struck him as wonderful or significant. English, no; Shakespeare, but this came later, at university, especially Hamlet.

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Moretti attended the University of Rome as an undergraduate. The result is grotesque. The methods of literary analysis for which Moretti is known are seen by many to be emblematic of the potential of the digital humanities. The archives and the tools are there to stay; they are important but not intellectually exciting. What appeals to me is the prospect of a new explanatory model - a new theory and history of literature. And at present we are still very far from providing a genuinely new theory or history of literature. Speaking for myself, the only intellectual novelty to which I feel I have contributed is the lab-like environment created with a handful of graduate students and a few colleagues at the Stanford Literary Lab: a way of working where individualities recede towards the background, and the experiment itself moves to the fore.

This has been a fresh, egalitarian and incredibly stimulating experience. That approach I have no respect for. So, in that respect I have no jealousy at all. But I would have liked to be able to write for a larger public; I have tried - writing short pieces for Il manifesto , for instance, or the New Left Review - but I am not good at it; the pieces are ok, but scholastic; like academic essays, only very very short. Get a month's unlimited access to THE content online. Just register and complete your career summary.

Relationships Between Literature and Historical Pe

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Proposed new law not as tough as some feared β€” but critics argue focus on Dutch ignores benefits of studying in English. There have been big declines in the proportion of humanities and social science papers published in Norwegian, conference told. Skip to main content. Valerie Sanders relishes this considered study of a quietly worthy class of men. June 27, Share on twitter Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Share on mail. With no real incentive to do more than survive, he toils away as if for the sternest of taskmasters This stylistic habit is such a pervasive feature of the book that it is worth pausing for a moment as Moretti so often does himself to question why he sets such store by it.

The author Franco Moretti is Danily C.

The Bourgeois: Between History and Literature (an excerpt)

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