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But here is where the green flash comes in.

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The colors of the spectrum disappear one at a time, starting with those with the longest wavelengths. Since the air bends green, blue, and violet light more than red, the red light sets first, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue, then violet.

Jonty Pearce: The Green Flash – myth or truth?

It is primarily a green light that is seen because more green light gets through. Sounds easy right? But there are a few factors that have to come into play. History says that seamen were the first to recognize its existence.

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Pirate folklore tells us that the green flash signals the return of a soul from the world of the dead. Today, we believe that seeing a green flash is good luck. It is certainly a beautiful sight to behold, so keep watching those sunsets…maybe you will be lucky enough to see the flash!

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    Sea Science: There's a reason that green flash at sunset is so rare | The Triton

    Let your camera do the hard work. You could also catch the green flash as the sun rises above the horizon, but this takes some guesswork since you'll need to approximate where and when the sun will come up. The green flashes last only a moment or two. You should be in an area with a distant, flat and cloudless horizon to see through as much of the atmosphere as possible. Stable, sinking air commonly found in high-pressure areas can boost your chances of seeing a green flash.

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    Green Flash: The Beautiful and Elusive Sunset Phenomenon

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    The setting sun sometimes causes an amazing sight, a brief green or blue flash of light. At a Glance Green flashes occur near sunrise and sunset.