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Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. How to cite item. Finding References. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Hide Show all. Beyers, A. Breytenbach This work is licensed under CC Attribution 4. About the author s J. Share this article. Keywords No related keywords in the metadata. Both columns are in Samaritan character,mostly majuscule in the early part, but in the latter.

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An excellent copy, well written and correct. Cr Written by Joseph b. Israel b. IshmaelDanfi in H. For the eve of thefirst month. Cursive and incorrect. Written by Muslim b. Murjan b. IbrahimDanfi in 1 H. For Hag ha-mazzoth. On fol. IbrahimDanfi in H. The Defter, beginning asP 8, f. Therubrics are mostly in Samaritan. A very good copy,but containing less than Cr 1 1 , and with no Arabic. Cri6 in For Circumcision and.

The Samaritan Liturgy - vol. I

Solomon, the Priest, in H. Jacobin H. For the Sabbath of. G i see Merx in Pertsch, Die oriental. G 2 ibid. Writtenby Ghazal b. Abi Sarur and Mnrjan Danfi, in 1 H. Not all by one hand, nor continuous. Probably the earlier part is by the. Contains parts of the service for marriage and. Various contents written by manyhands at different dates. The text is very corrupt and often unintelligible seeextracts in the Appendix.

Probablynot laterthan Hi, 2, 3, although of more interest than most SamaritanMSS.

Moreover H i and H 3 represent the use of Damascus, whichdiffered from that of Shechem. It is hoped to deal with these. It is a fragment of the Defter,mostly early, in a majuscule hand, perhaps of the. A laterhand has supplied ff. The Samaritan Liturgy - vol. II Download Report. Published on Dec View Download 0. Neubauer, who also helped in the revision of the first few sheets, printed in Its progress has been much hindered by other work, and by the diffi- culties of the undertaking.

The whole of the text had to be transcribed by my own hand from MSS.


I hope that scholars, who will appreciate the difficulties, will make allowance for the defects, and consider only the interest of the new material. The texts are mostly edited for the first time, and the few that have been published before, appear now, it is believed, in a more correct form, as well as in their proper setting.

2019.05.26. Sunday of the Samaritan Woman. Divine Liturgy

It is quite possible that some hymns or prayers may have been omitted, but the collection includes all that were found. The Glossary, thoughshort and incomplete, will, it is hoped, throw light on some of the obscurities in the Aramaic texts.

Neubauer for his advice and help, and to the late Padre Bollig, Librarian of the Vatican, who most generouslyhanded over to me his transcript of the MS. V 3, whichI then copied into square character and made the basis of the text on pp. Pembrey, for his minute care of the proofs ; and above all, the members of Magdalen College, whose liberality enabled me in to pay a most profitablevisit to the East.

Heidenheim's collection, which is the most extensive, is very inaccurate both in text and translations.

Liknande föremål

In the present edition it has been thought best to follow the MSS. It is not possible to deal with the texts by the ordinary rules of Hebrew and Aramaic see below, p. The later Sama- ritans, living in almost complete isolation, and from about the eleventh century A. Whether it was worth while to try to reproduce 1 The same is true of Gesenius's work, but it must be remembered that his translation represents a first attempt, and that he had to rely on a singleincorrect MS.

The quality of the various compositions varies of course with the degree of the author's learning: the trustworthiness of particular MSS. The method adopted has been to select the MS. The more important variants of other MSS. Where no complete MS. As a rule the variants, though numerous, are trivial, consisting of differences of spelling or mere scribal errors. In the case of inferior dupli- cate copies it was thought unnecessary to note such variants except for special reasons, but it is believed that none have been omitted which could in any way throw light on the meaning of the text or the usage of the scribe.

The first part pp. Bollig's very careful transcript of the Vatican MS. V 3 , but since the Aramaic in which it is mostly written, is of the fourth century,and important in connexion with the language of the Targum,all variants except those which are classified below, p. The other texts are based chiefly on the MSS.

The rubrics, or headings, are mostly in very corrupt Arabic, which, after much hesitation,has been reproduced with all its errors. As their form seemsto depend on the taste of the scribe, variants in them are given only when the sense is concerned, but they are printedin the most explicit form in which they appear in any of the MSS. Liturgical MSS. Moreover, little would havebeen gained by attempting to do so, since they all 3 represent 1 These will be described by the Kev.

They are, with few exceptions, modern,and as they are uniform in character a detailed description of them is unnecessary here. They are usually of stout oriental paper, about 8 x 6J inches, written as a rule in a cursive hand,not in the formal character used in copies of the Pentateuch ;and bound in native leather. The biblical passages, which form a large part of the liturgy, are written continuously, the hymnsgenerally in double lines, forming two columns.

To save spacethe biblical passages are here omitted and the hymns are printedcontinuously, but a single point is placed at the end of the first half-line and a double point at the end of the second half.

Samaritan Pentateuch - Wikipedia

These points are not to be regarded in any sense as stops, especially in the earlier parts from V 3. The MSS. The following is a list of the MSS. Written by Isaac b. Abraham Danfi in H.

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  • The Defter, agreeing, even in the Arabic version, with Or i T, but incorrect. Page dated H. For Passover and the i st of Nisan. Isaac, the Priest an intelligent and careful scribe , in H. For Succoth. A good copy. For Zimmuth Succoth, Mo'ed hodesh ha-shebhi'i, ten daysof Selihuth. For the seven Sabbaths following Passover. Petermann 6, 7. For the day of Atonement.